Who We Are

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At Riverside Friends

We are here to H.E.L.P.

Honor God. Equip Believers. Love Others. Pray.

As a part of that mission, we need to meet people where they are. Our church is thankfully full of broken people who are trying to H.E.L.P. one another. So, come as you are.

When you first arrive, come on in through the front doors! We'll help you find the right place for you and or your kids.

Our Service runs as late as 11:30. However, you might hang around with new friends afterward!

Our children's program, including Sunday School, is a safe place for your kids to grow and learn about who they are in Christ. We also offer children's church during the worship service for your children under 10. We try to structure our Sunday Service so that anyone over 10 will find something of value.

If you want to find out how God is at work as we H.E.L.P one another, we would love to see you Sunday morning!

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Our Focus:

Getting the gospel into the hearts of the people least likely to hear it

We hope to see Jesus transform and empower people to live for His kingdom in fulfilling the ministry He has for them.

That means we are here to Honor God, Equip Believers, Love People, and Pray. The Bible teaches we are all broken and in need of a savior. We try and help each other grow in Christ and we minister to those who might not have opportunities or feel unwelcomed elsewhere. We minister to those in addiction and recovery.

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Our Denomination

Who are the Friends

As a part of The Society of Friends (Quakers), we believe in Jesus Christ as our only Lord and Savior. We recognize that we all have something to learn about God as none of us have arrived at spiritual perfection. We try to do that together by discerning how God is at work in our lives through prayer and scripture. Since the 1600s, Friends have consistently found themselves on the right side of history, including slavery, as some of the first abolitionists, prison reform, and social justice issues. Today our church maintains that history by reaching the people least likely to hear the gospel, the poor, the addicted, and the disenfranchised. If you want to be a part of helping our community to grow and thrive, join us on Sunday.

Members of Iowa Yearly Meeting of Friends (IAYM)

- a group of orthodox evangelical Friends churches in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.