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Freedom Fighters and Todd's Place are here to equip men in their recovery to glorify Jesus Christ.

The opposite of addiction is not sobriety but community.

Our program for recovery is grounded in scientific research on the value of community in recovery. We help people holistically reconnect with family, God, and themselves through their recovery. 

Freedom Fighters is our recovery ministry. Todd's Place is our sober living home. We accomplish our mission, equipping men in their recovery to glorify Jesus Christ, first through Todd's Place. We offer safe, sober living for a few men at a time to come in and get their lives on track. In our experience, within the church, they find a family and God. Together a community of understanding people and God's grace allows people to obtain and maintain sobriety.

The focus of the Freedom Fighters goes beyond Tod's Place, though. We are reaching out to the recovery community to equip them, wherever they may be, to glorify Jesus Christ. We believe Jesus is glorified when husbands love their wives, care for their children, and give back to their community. We equip men to glorify God for and through their recovery as they live the lives God intends for them.

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